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Architecture hit list 

Architect calls for Scotland's ugliest buildings to be torn down - The Herald

An architecture hit list is misguided/ing. Granted the buildings may be ugly and perhaps should be torn down for aesthetic or social reasons. But before rolling out the demolition ball, studies should be done to see if it would be more efficient (environmentally, financially, socially) to rework or, less preferably, simply let these buildings live out their lives. Should the buildings be torn down, measures first need to be in place to ensure their replacements will not be of a quality the same or worse.

Foremost in importance, however, is implementing good design in the first place. Second to that is the awareness that taste changes.

I addition, these buildings (I don't know which ones, the link didn't work) reflect the style of the time when they were built, it was a style that didn't last, who's to say that the style of today will last?. It could be that in twenty years the buildings built in their place will again be considered ugly.
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